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What To Do If You Have Suffered A Property Loss

Ensure the safety of you and your family

Report the loss to your insurance company

Make sure your property is safe to re-enter

Professionally disconnect utilities (and do not attempt to reconnect)

Remove valuables from the property (cash, jewelry, weapons, identity, etc.)

Document, document, document! Take pictures and/or videos of everything. This is a vital step in the claims process that is commonly overlooked by the insured because they trust the insurance company and their preferred vendors to do it properly.

Do no throw anything away, give items to insurance company preferred vendors, or begin clean up or demolition. This could damage your claim and lower your settlement.

Chances are you already have talked to one of our adjusters…now is the time to talk to them again…

Our Promise

keep records

We will advocate for you, the policy holder, our client. We will support your best interest by walking with you through the entire insurance claims process, maximizing your claim and exceeding expectations. We will fight for every penny you are entitled to so you can have the peace of mind to move forward and leave the tragedy behind.