Property Claims

Few People Understand This –

The burden of proving a loss is the responsibility of you – the policy holder – not the insurance company or their adjuster.

Be it a house or commercial building your home or business, most policy owners do not know how to document, prepare and submit their insurance claim after suffering property damage, let alone argue and negotiate a proper settlement. The process is very complex, challenging, stressful and time consuming. Not knowing how to do this puts you at a serious disadvantage which will result in not achieving the maximum settlement you deserve and are entitled to.

Handling Your Property Claim...

We provide immediate response and service for your claim. We will…

  • Explain the claims process so you understand what you can expect from us and your insurance company.
  • File your insurance claim.
  • Secure short term and long term housing. More times than not the insurance company will tell you to find your own hotel, pay for it and submit your receipts for reimbursement which can take 60 days. We work with a national housing company that will find you the right hotel, reserve the room, pay for it and then start looking for long term housing.
  • Make arrangements to secure your home from further damage and liability.
  • Assess and document your damage with pictures and video.
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of your policy.
  • Make the necessary phone calls to schedule an inspection of the damage with their adjuster, called “A Walkthrough”.
  • Create the detailed scope of repairs on the computer program called Xactimate.
  • Arrange all meetings and inspections that are necessary , walk throughs, re-walks, environmental companies, structural engineering, abatement…
  • Present your entire claim to the insurance company.
  • Keep you informed with regular status updates.
  • Keep a detailed file of all communications, emails, estimates, and reports generated throughout the claims process.
  • Settle your claim for everything you deserve and are entitled to.


Residential Claim Handling